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  5. "Helft mir hiermit."

"Helft mir hiermit."

Translation:Help me with this.

April 11, 2013



I'm not sure I follow the difference between "hiermit" and "damit" and Google hasn't helped me too much


"hiermit" is usually something close to you. ie. you are lifting a rock and ask other people to help you.

"Damit" is usually used with something not close to you, or something you are only talking about at the moment. i.e. "I want to lift that rock over there, can you help me with that?" or "I want to lift rocks later, could you help me with that?"^^


Would it be accurate to think of it like this?:

  • damit - with that
  • hiermit - with this

I know this/that are usually contextual in German, but in this case it seems to fit


hier - here, Da - there so it makes sense :D


XD, good argument


Is the meaning of this "help me do this action" or "use this object to help me"?


It could be both, but without context I'd say the first one is meant.


Only the latter. The first would be „Helft mir hierbei.“


Why Helft is used?


Clicked on "helft" for the conjugation, but unfortunately it didn't include the imperative, so I just looked it up in my 501 German Verbs:

Imperative forms for helfen: hilf! helft! helfen Sie!

hilf! (2nd person sg. familiar) (Dude! Help me!)

helft! (2nd person pl. familiar) (Dudes! Help me!)

helfen Sie (2nd person singular or plural, formal) (Sir(s), please help me!)


I guess it must be informal second person plural - asking help from multiple people. (Read up on German Imperatives - I'm not sure what the best source is, Google's first hit, for me, was http://www.dartmouth.edu/~german/Grammatik/Imperative/Imperativ.html)


Can we use damit here, in place of hiermit?


Lilithly gave a great explanation earlier on this page. Habe ich dir hiermit geholfen? :)


Du warst sehr hilfreich, danke :)


Actually, this sentence is supposed to read "Helft mir hierbei" This is because the verb package is "helfen bei" not "helfen mit" In suprised that they let this slip into the program.


Hello, can I use "Help me here"? Or is it not a precise translation?


The translation for your sentence would be “Helft mir hier“. So the “(hier)mit“ part would be missing. That is necessary because otherwise you would just ask for help at this place. In the original sentence you ask for help with specific things (with= mit).


Thank you for such a detailed explanation:). Now I got it: "hiermit" means literally "with this (thing here)". Viele danke!


You are very welcome! Sehr gern geschehen!


What's wrong with 'help me wherewith' or is it way too obsolete?


Commands alway end with ausrufenzeichen!! in German. Just FYI.


"Helft mir hiermit."

Where does this "Helft" come from?

How is the situation? Is the said person asking for help, while speaking toward several people you are familiar with all at once?

Can I say "Hilf mir hiermit."?

Yes, I think I can, can´t I. Am I speaking to a certain person for help?
I suppose so. What do YOU think?

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