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New Polish learner

Started Polish as my first real Duolingo language a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it! (Doing German, too, but I grew up listening to my parents speak it, so that doesn't really count). I love those crazy Polish consonant combos and accent marks that seem to be all over the place.

April 13, 2019



Polish is great. The more you see of it, the more you see how practical it is. It all seems to slot together logically, often in surprisingly compact and efficient ways.

Well most of it does, anyway - some of it still seems wilfully crazy and fickle and perverse, as though the language itself has some sort of consciousness, and likes to remind us who's in charge from time to time.

Keep enjoying it. :)


Thanks for your thoughtful and amusing reply. I do think I already see what you mean.


Świetnie napisałeś o moim języku, kto tu rządzi?... język polski. :)


Good to hear that you are enjoying it! I never tried Polish! Good luck!!!


Just noticed your profile. Looks like you've tried just about every other language! Way to go!


Learn Polish language this is big challenge for you. I ma native Polish speaker and i know that is not easy language to learn even for us people from Poland. When i look around i see that we destroyed this beautiful language and often mix you sentences with english words because we want to be cool, but true is that we do not have good command English language because i know maybe few persons with i can speak normal in English....... People do not search progress because this is too big challenge for ours brain i wish you good luck when you have strong motivation you can do it. Write to me i answer for your questions, Dobrego tygodnia nauki i życia bez zbędnych nerwów bo my tworzymy naszą rzeczywistość i szczęście.


Thank you, Rob, I will. I’m still very much a beginner. The learning curve is steep but rapid. I know it will plateau at some point, and that’s when the challenge really begins. I do like Polish so far, and I am looking forward to visiting Poland this Fall. The Duolingo app has been fun, and it’s also helped reinvigorate my German. Btw..506 days. Very impressive!

P.S. I’m not there yet, but I hope to understand your last sentence soon!


Rob, never listen to the people who say your or any other language is being destroyed, all living languages evolve all the time. Polish is actually full of French derived words, plus loads of Latin and German, and no one seems to worry about that: who complains about gmina (German) or bilet (French)? The challenge for Polish is to start considering how to introduce Polish words to other languages, rather than what happens at the moment, where translators translate every single Polish word. Who is ever going to appreciate charlotka if everyone calls it 'apple pie' in English? So stop sitting and letting words flow in one direction only, make sure they flow in both directions, into and out of Polish.


Powodzenia! You'll need it ;)


Viel Glück i Powodzenia, Przyjacielu.


I have a friend from poland :)!


It's really nice to hear that somebody is interested in learning Polish! Powodzenia, trzymam kciuki!


Thank you! I understand the first word, and I aim to know the second two soon! (I’ll look them up now)


Super! - gratuluję, że uczysz się polskiego. Jestem Polką i jest mi miło, słyszeć, że podoba Ci się mój język. Życzę przyjemnej przygody z nowym językiem, będę śledziła Twoje postępy -- powodzenia. :)


Polish language is interesting and do not hard for learning. English is more harder than Polish. I am college student and study linguistics. So i know about importance of learning foreign languages. Now i work on my essay about how to learn polish langauge and decided to get some help. I found review with helping services on https://paidpaper.net/


Thank you and good luck with your studies!


Nice to hear that <3 Good luck!

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