"This drink contains strawberries."

Translation:Minuman ini mengandung stroberi.

April 14, 2019

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This should mean: "This drink is pregnant with strawberries."


Hi Siddhartha... the term 'mengandung' refers to meaning contain .....Hamil is the most popular Indonesian word that is used for pregnant ....mengandung is rare word that is used for pregnant .... Example : tini mengandung ....here it refers : tini is pregnant(having or containing a child) ... they are confusing us in these lessons ... better you use hamil for pregnant and mengandung for contain .... simple


Even i was thinking the word mengandung meant pregnant. Then in this case, haha couldn't help laughing.


"Minuman ini mengandung stroberi-stroberi" ... wrong!


Same here. But I still don't see why this is wrong. After all, it could have just as well have meant "This drink contains a strawberry", as if it were a garnishment if it weren't for clarifying the plural as we did.


Same, not sure why its not accepting the plural :(


Is arbei archaic for strawberry?


Arbei is almost similar to strawberry. The Arbei's size is smaller. Some translate it as a "berry". Indonesia has many fruits that look like similar but different. Furthermore, local languages name those fruits differently.


Arbei sounds a lot like Dutch aardbei Stroberi sounds a lot like English strawberry

I like that! Makes it easy to remember!


All, have you ever heard someone says, "Minuman ini mengandung stroberi?" on daily basis?

I have heard, (1) "Minuman ini mengandung sari buah mangga", (2) "Minuman ini mengandung vitamin C", (3) "Minuman ini mengandung kafein", etc. But, "Minuman ini mengandung stroberi" or "mangga" seems unusual. "Minuman" is liquid while "stroberi" is solid. Liquid should contain the similar object, right? What do you think about the sentence above?

Thanks in advance. :))


Strawberry juice is a common drink in Indonesia. They put strawberries in a blender to liquefy them and then add some water and sugar. Jadi jus stroberi mengandung stroberi. (So strawberry juice contains strawberries.)

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