"Why did she go right away?"

Translation:Kenapa dia langsung pergi?

April 14, 2019

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I'm curious to know whether "kenapa dia pergi langsung?" is really wrong?


Why is "Kenapa dia segera pergi" wrong?


Going by the English definitions, it seems that langsung and segera should be synonyms. "As soon as possible" seems the same as "right away." What is the difference?


"Langsung" and "segera" are synonyms in this context. However, they are different from "as soon as possible" in English. "As soon as possible" could mean 5 hours later if a person has a lot of assignment to be done tonight, for example.

"Langsung" means "direct" or "with no medium exists" (e.g. "siaran langsung" is live broadcasting), and thereby it also means "immediately" -- You may want to use "langsung" when she goes home without enjoying chatting with her co-workers after work. "Segera" means "hurry" or "fast", and also means "soon". If her regular working hours are 9am - 5pm, she leaves the workplace at 5:01pm without overwork, and arrives at home at 5:10pm. That's the meaning of "segera".

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