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"A menina quer um copo de suco de laranja."

Translation:The girl wants a glass of orange juice.

April 11, 2013



Why is duolingo so forgiving with some "typos" but not others I provided "larenga" instead of "laranja" and got it wrong. I would thing this should be close enough.


I got away with it ☺ Actually the Portuguese section is much more forgiving than the French section.


Usually only one wrong letter will get by.


There was no audio for me to hear the sentence. So I lost a heart. Not fair.


Audio is working for this lesson. Did you check your computer volume? Did you know that you can buy a heart before you start your lesson and add that spare during the lesson? If volume never works and your computer volume is working, contact support through tab on left.


Thank you. It's working now but sometimes the audio is very low. My computer volume works well. I think it is this site that might have the audio problem. Thanks again.


Yes, I noticed that some words were recorded louder than others.

You could try putting it into Google. com to listen to, or into forvo with more native speakers. See following sites.:

Careful! Google translates word for word and sometimes the translation is wrong. http://translate.google.com/?hl=entab=TT#pt/en/A%20menina%20quer%20um%20copo%20de%20suco%20de%20laranja.

http://pt.forvo.com/ http://pt.forvo.com/word/suco_de_laranja/#pt

Keep in mind that pronunciations are not always what you expect from the letters given. My mind will create different ideas of what the words are supposed to be when I don't understand what the words are really supposed to sound like. It took a lot of getting used to and I am still learning every day.


Wow, that forvo site is pretty nice for hearing different pronunciations. I will be listening to that also. It's nice that you can hear actual recordings of native speakers. Thank you.

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