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  5. "The toys are on the floor."

"The toys are on the floor."

Translation:Aia nā mea pāʻani ma ka papahele.

April 14, 2019



What is really the difference between i and ma?


Am I being thick? I don't quite understand the point of "mea"?


Someone else had answered on a separate thread referring to mea and stated that mea pa'ani is a combination of two words meaning toy that quite literally translates to play thing.


I need this program to stop telling my answer is wrong while I'm still in the middle of the sentence! At least let me finish!


What kind of exercise does that happen on? Are you accidentally hitting the key? Do you have a screen shot of what happens?


I'm a begginer and that happens to me when I'm typing an accent because the - check if my answer is right - button is right next to the pop up accent choices.

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