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"SoHvaD 'Iw HIq nobchugh jaghlI', yItlhutlhQo'!"

Translation:If your enemy gives you bloodwine, don't drink it!

April 14, 2019



This is my first time hearing this sentence spoken in Klingon (by Agnieszka), and again, I find her accent quite difficult to decipher. In particular, the 'i' vowel on the end of jaghlI' sounds very short, clipped even; it just sounds like "jaghl" to me. Is this correct/normal?



Sounds fine to me. Remember that the glottal stop is supposed to cut the vowel a little short.


I had no trouble understanding this one. I could hear the l.

The -lI' doesn't have to be cut that short, but it still sounds like -lI'.

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