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Hard time with Demonstratives I.

Can someone explain me the difference between the two form of each demonstrative? Bizy - Kesy Bony - Kony Bisi - Kesi Boni - Koni Some exercises correct me and I don´t understand why, if both mean the same :c

April 14, 2019



I think I figured out... The ones with B are for persons (He, She, They..) and the ones with K are for things (It), hope so.


Yes you're right. The ones with B are for animate nouns and the ones with K for inanimate.


Thanks! Another question, when do i use Ñuhe? in which cases? do you know that?


Ñuhe is singular, lunar, accusative. So every time the modified noun is also singular, lunar and accusative, you use this form. Here is a link to tables for every adjective declination: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Adjectives#Class_I
The dothraki wiki is very helpful in general. You find lots of other stuff about HV there.


With the additional note that the speaker gets to choose whether animals should be regarded as animate B- words or inanimate K- words.

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