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  5. "Kamu percaya pada Tuhan?"

"Kamu percaya pada Tuhan?"

Translation:Do you believe in God?

April 14, 2019



When is it the right time to use "pada" or "kepada" when it comes to say that you or someone believes in something?


You'd use "pada" with an object that is not a person. You'd use "kepada" with something that is a person or a divinity. This is because of Indonesian's animacy hierarchy. But some people just use "pada" informally for anything.


Do Muslims in Indonesia only say Tuhan or do they use Allah sometimes?


They do use "Allah" sometimes. Sometimes you can tell whether people are Christian or Muslim by whether they use "Tuhan" or "Allah" to refer to God, but there is a lot of overlap, so it's not a guaranteed litmus test.


Kepada is more formal as it is used in the apostle's creed


It is formal, but it is also most proper with personal agents like people and God.


There is no question word... It should be Apakah kamu Percaya pada Tuhan?


Does anyone know the correct response to Apakah Kamu Mati ???

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