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  5. "Where are they walking?"

"Where are they walking?"

Translation:Wo laufen sie?

April 11, 2013



WO and Wohin should have two distinct applications. If we are talking about a direction especially when something moves (like here going somwhere) we should use Wohin not Wo.


You are right, but notice that in English, since the question is too ambiguous and it could have the two interpretations, in order to distinguish the two, a final "to" would be added: It's not the same "Where are they walking?", and " Where are they walking to?" I think this is why "Wo" is used.


So this should be Wohin?


That is what I thought.


the English sentence "Where are they walking?" has two possible interpretations:

Wo laufen sie? - Sie laufen im Park. Wohin laufen sie? - Sie laufen nach Hause.

Still, I think "wohin" would be the more logical choice in this case and it was counted as wrong.


How about the distinction between "laufen" and "gehen". From another lesson it was my understanding that both were acceptable to be used for "walk"


The verb usually goes first in a question except, when you have one of the six w question words starting the sentence.


I don't see any difference between Wo sie laufen? and Wo laufen sie.


Although you may be right, when I took German classes, they always taught be that the verb must go in the second position in a question (correct me if I am wrong), so in this case it will be "Wo laufen sie?"


This is too ambiguous. More distinction should be made between Laufen, and spazieren in leading up to the question. Whohin, Wo and etc. etc.


Why not wohin but wo! I thought where are they walking (to) is more logical here and hence wohin.

Can anybody clear this confusion?


For "Wo laufen sie" I could answer "They are walking on their respective treadmills". It is the location where they are as they perform the action of walking. For "Wohin laufen sie" I could answer "They are walking to the supermarket" because the request is for their destination.


"Wohin gehen sie zu Fuß?" was rejected. Why?

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