"Julia's brothers"

Translation:जूलिया के भाई

April 14, 2019

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Why do we use 'ke ' here . Cant we use ka or ke


You use 'ka', 'ki' or 'ke' depending on the gender and number of the noun following it. 'ka' or masculine singular, 'ke' for masculine (or mixed) plural and 'ki' for feminine singular and plural.

So, जूलिया का भाई = Julia's brother and जूलिया के भाई= Julia's brothers (since भाई remains भाई when pluralised).


I want to know it too please answer


Ka will be used in singular case Ki will be used in feminine (singular as well as plural) case So the use of ke(masculine) is correct


Because ke means 's for example neena's sister hindi meaning neena ke behan but if we are describing about us the word ke will be not there for example mera bhai my brother this is the correct answer if you do like this mera ki bhai this is not correct correct answer is mera bhai


Shouldn't they be using the plural form of 'Bhai'?


The plural form of भाई is भाई itself.

Only in the oblique case (when followed by a postposition), the plural becomes भाइयों.

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