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  5. "vumbe' torgh."

"vumbe' torgh."

Translation:Torg did not work.

April 14, 2019



Ah, much better! DaH junnISbe' Qov 'ach DoSDaj qIp!


I'm sorry, but I understand something like junbe' torgh, my wife - who doesn't speak klingon - understands the same.


Thank you so much this. I have re-recorded it. Continue to let us know if there are problems.

BTW: junbe' torgh means "Torg does not evade."

junbe' je Qov.


I tried with "Torg do not work". Is that just bad english or did it fail for some other reason?


I tried with "Torg do not work". Is that just bad english

That's right. It has to be "does", not "do" -- Torg is just one person, so the verb form has an -s on it.

Torg works, Torg does not work.


Thank you!

I'm learning english and klingon at the same time :).


At first I felt badly for marking English translations incorrect when it was obvious that the person understood the Klingon and just didn't speak perfect English. But then I realized that improving their English would be more valuable to them in the long run, so it makes it easier to click on the red X.


Have always hade trouble with languages ,so I appreciate it.

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