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  5. "Mulutmu bau."

"Mulutmu bau."

Translation:Your mouth smells.

April 15, 2019



It can be a useful sentence, though rude!


It is much more likely that a person would say "your breath smells" rather than "your mouth'' smells


does "bau" mean to smell bad in general? In this context it most likely does, but in another context can it be positive? for example in Filipino we use a cognate, "(ma)baho" to mean stinky or smelling bad, "(ma)bango" as smelling good, and "(ma)amoy" for a more neutral word


So, just to confirm, /bau/ is a noun (yaitu, kata benda) in this sentence, right?

If so, I'm suspecting this is a pragmatic translation rather than a literal translation, since I wrote "Your mouth odor" and was counted as wrong for it.

Otherwise, to make /bau/ more explicitly verbal, /terbau/ or /berbau/ could be substituted instead.

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