"She visited me two days ago."

Translation:Dia mengunjungi saya dua hari lalu.

April 15, 2019

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Why was "berkunjung" not accepted for "visited"?


Because berkunjung is an 'aktif intransitif' verb, that means berkunjung cannot be followed by a noun. But it can be followed by a 'preposisi' like di (in at on), ke (to), dari (from), etc.

I visited zoo yesterday = Saya mengunjungi kebun binatang kemarin = Saya berkunjung ke kebun binatang yesterday

She visited me two days ago = Dia mengunjungi saya dua hari lalu ≠ Dia berkunjung ke saya dua hari lalu (this is not really a sentence imo)


I still don't understand. Sorry. Can someone explain further?

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