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  5. "Il pose pour la photo."

"Il pose pour la photo."

Translation:He is posing for the photo.

May 29, 2014



Wait, I'm terribly confused. Is the word pose in the context of this sentence to:

  1. Pose as in pose a question, asking for the picture

  2. Or literally posing for the picture, like smiling for the picture?


It's literally posing for the picture.


Does anyone ever hear the male AND the female speak? I get this randomly (as far as I can tell) but would love to know if there is a way to hear them both speak as they speak a bit different from each other and the difference is nice to hear when trying to train your ear to understand different speakers.


I have noticed that when I erase my whole answer, the record randomly starts again and usually it starts with the other voice (the male or female).


I have been wondering the same thing! I always think it has something to do with me accidentally hitting a key on my keyboard but haven't been able to decipher it yet either!


If I understand/remember correctly, "Pose" double as "to pose" but also "to put down"?


Sort of - to pose can mean to to place but usually so it can be drawn or photographed etc. He posed her on the sofa, and you wouldn't hear it very often (at least not where I live) Maybe in more artistic circles :) We certainly wouldn't say Pose the glass on the table.

There are however, other uses of to pose

  • To pose a question

  • When one dresses or behaves in a certain way to make people notice you Don't take any notice of him - he's posing/a poser!

  • That poses a problem/challenge/threat - "creates" a problem/challenge/threat


So in this instance, do we know for sure, if he is posing for a photo, or laying the photo down (say, on a table)? Or is it purely derived from context? Thank you.


You know for sure that it's posing for the photo because of "pour" and because the verb "poser" here doesn't have a direct object.


If you are referring to the French "pose", the definitions I have found for "poser" are put/place/lay/install/land/pose. Of them, only "pose" works in this sentence.


Yes, I believe that's true (I remember being told to put down my pen at school), but here it must be pose, as 'put down for the the photo' doesn't mean much!


An alternative is "he sits for the photo",


I also said "he sits for the photo" but it was marked as being wrong!


Still wrong: 5/18/18


Still marked wrong 9 Dec 2017


For all the useless times French uses the reflexive, here is a case where it would be helpful. ;)


I put down "he poses for a photo" and was marked wrong... Can anyone point to me why that's the case?


Duh nevermind, the photo is correct.


she's saying pouse not pose!


Do I understand some of the discussion here to say the Duolingo's earlier use of poser to mean to put down as in Il pose du pain was not good usage in French? Could a native french person advise please?


... and then goes back to his depressing life


Haha, I made it plural to see what would happen and it accepted ils posent


Yes, because "il pose" and "ils posent" sound the same.


In English we also say he is sitting for a photograph. It should be accepted. April 7, 2019

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