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"Mereka mengirim surat ke Jepang."

Translation:They send a letter to Japan.

April 15, 2019



Wouldn't a better translation be 'they are sending a letter to Japan'?


Saya mengirim... = I send... = I'm sending... = I sent..., in Indonesian we don't recognize tenses.

Maybe Duo wants to teach us something because there's slightly different in tenses. For example: I'm sending... = Saya sedang mengirim...


So "the letter" is wrong, but "a letter" is correct. Not sure why?


It should be accepted. Indonesian doesn't burden "the" or "a/an" much.

Saya mengirim surat = I send the letter = I send a letter

Saya mengirim surat itu = I send the letter = I send that letter

Saya mengirim sebuah surat = I send a letter.

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