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English learning

How can I learn English in Duolingo

July 17, 2012



i want to learn english on this site it's possible ?


I assume the German and French versions will follow in the future, if the site is successful, but considering the amount of work there still is on the site with the current options, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Perhaps by learning your native language, as English is the default setting.


I want to learn english ( I Know Germany)


I saw the keynote from Luis von Ahn at the WWW2013 conference today. And like many other attendees here - I am thrilled about duolingo! I would love to use duolingo for improving my English and also mention it "as an endorsed tool" into our curriculum (tools for soft skills). So, to make it short: Any updates regarding learning English for German speaking people?


Currently this is only supported for Spanish speaking people: go to the settings (click your name to the upper right, choose settings).

From there, select the appropriate option from the dropdown "Learning Language": "Quiero aprender inglés (yo sé español)"

The website will be in Spanish then.


unfortunatly I can not spanish, but thanks for the answer


Since Dualingo can help with translating the web maybe it can be used to translate itself to those other languages.. and even more.. =) But maybe the translations is not the hard part in all this.. I hope it becomes successful anyway =)


i want to learn english but this seems unavailable :(


i went learn English in this site it is not found why?

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