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Arabic Hovering at 68%... ( ̄ー ̄)


I don’t want to be rude, but Arabic ws just going so well, like 10% every month, and now it’s been at 68% for like three months... :(

I’d really like to learn Arabic from Duolingo, and I thought that I could soon, but I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

Does anybody know what’s happening? What could have made it stall so greatly? Or when it might come back?



P.S. EDIT: Thank you for all the upvotes, guys! Let’s get some more so we’re noticed by Duolingo and get answers! :D

April 15, 2019



The "% complete" reporting for Arabic has swung so wildly for years that it doesn't seem dependable at all.

Duolingo employees must know what is going on with development of the Arabic course. All that other people on the forums know is what is reported from the incubator, so your guess is as good as any of ours, until Duolingo should decide to tell us more.


I'm not sure what's happening internally. But if you guys remember the situation with the Chinese and Japanese courses, you will know that the incubator does not properly track the progress of the new type of courses, the ones that have character exercises like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hindi.

I can't know what's going on, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Arabic course has already been completed and as we speak is undergoing that new CEFR alignment test Duolingo has introduced recently.


Thanks! That would be such a great relief, and also it would be so exciting for them to do CEFR on Arabic immediatly! :D Is there CEFR for Arabic, though? I found some things on the internet, but Wikipedia didn’t list it as one of the CEFR languages... I really, really hope you’re right! :D That would be so great.


Great points! Have some lingots.


I'm also hoping the Arabic course comes soon.
Until then this might help:
Language Transfer- Introduction to Arabic
It's an Arabic audio course that will give you the basis of grammar and some vocabulary.


Is there a possibility that the percentage may have been frozen still the course developing? If I'm not wrong, as I understood it's going to be released on May 1st.


I just wish duolingo would say something about the course apart from its scheduled to be released on the 1st of May. There has been no progress visible to us for a few months and it is starting to get frustrating that it isn't even mentioned.


Ikr! It was going so well and it was so exciting, and then it’s just like nobody knows anything about it now... :(


Yeah, if you want to learn Arabic the best way to go with that is using Memrise or Busuu. I use Memrise along with Duolingo to practice Chinese and it's good. Like slogger said before me, the Duolingo Arabic course isn't dependable, and probably won't come out soon.


Do you also do Chineasy, chinesepod, Chinese Skill, Lingodeer, FluentU or Skritter? Just wondering about those. I like Memrise but also quizlet and anki. Thinking about getting Skritter.

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