April 15, 2019


こんばんは. わたしはCeylielです. 日本語 すき で I hope i made no mistakes^^ but to practice reading and writing is helpful, even this simple sentences :D

April 15, 2019

If you meant to say "I like Japanese," it's 「日本語が好きです。」(すき)

April 16, 2019


April 17, 2019


April 21, 2019

You need to use 始める since there's a direct object.
If you want to say you that you can do something, you need to use the potential form—話せる for 話す and 習える for 習う. (出来る is the potential form for する).
まるで means "completely" or "as if".

April 21, 2019

Oops, yeah I forgot to nominalize the ability verbs. Thanks!

April 22, 2019
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