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German Rock bands

I would love it if people would recommend some great/favourite German Rock bands to me.

If you can also recommend their best album/songs, that would be great as well.

April 11, 2013



All of the below are not hard rock, mostly pop rock:

Sportfreunde Stiller, "Ein Kompliment": http://youtu.be/p7rllu_4gY8 [love song with clever lyrics]

Toten Hosen, "Tage wie dieser": http://youtu.be/j09hpp3AxIE

Die Ärzte, "Schrei nach Liebe": http://youtu.be/RIS-QAJ7HLA [amazing Anti-fascist-song]

Herbert Grönemeyer, "Mensch": http://youtu.be/kWbN3-6o3WQ [about losing a wife]


Rammstein (group): I'd recommend any album, but maybe start with "Feuer frei" or "Ich will" off of Mutter (album).

Wizo (group): Raum der Zeit (song).

Onkel Tom Angelripper does metal versions of "classic" German drinking songs.


In my opinion, Wir Sind Helden is the best German band. Top 3:


Some of my favourite rockish artists/songs and a link to the songs with moving pictures on Youtube:

Mondlicht, Xmal Deutschland http://youtu.be/-lQswSjRSCA

Polizisten, Extrabreit http://youtu.be/kyN94HNrOoE

Freier Fall, Rummelsnuff http://youtu.be/5patve0yHDs

Augen auf, Oomph! http://youtu.be/fuLPJg2gwjQ

Keine Macht, Terminal Choice http://youtu.be/XyZH7Wv1cmA

Der Tanz der Schatten, Theatre of Tragedy (not a german band) http://youtu.be/jmzf_rD5BVQ


If you like a gothic edge to your rock music try the album Intimität by Rebentisch. The album is available to listen to and download for free on Jamendo:



I have the Peter Schilling "Major Tom" CD that includes the german and english version of that song.


If you're looking for music in a specific language, such as German, I'd recommend going and finding radio stations in German, and taking artists from them and searching them on Youtube for example, and then going around the videos "related" to one of their videos seeing as it will most likely be German as well, or at least could be seeing how Youtube works (in general).

Aside from that, translate a few common song titles in English to German and search for the song, and you could get German artists using the same song title, just in their language.

I'd mostly just do the radio station idea or listen to them depending on where you plan on listening to whatever you find.


For anyone interested, here are some European radio stations. There's tons of German/Austrian radio stations. http://www.listenlive.eu/index.html


Definitely try Tokio Hotel. The majority of their songs are done in both German and English so you can hear both versions. Enjoy!


Keimzeit- "Kling Klang"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWRw_QYQgaI

Kettcar- "Graceland"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coaRgh4cHHY

Neu!- "Hallogallo"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAXYMOgHQI4

Wir Sind Helden- "Denkmal"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC872j2-PDw

If you have spotify, I'd recommend doing the following search: label:amiga- which will give you a heap of DDR era German bands, of varying degrees of quality.


Rammstein-all the albums, Oomph!-Monster


Cro is the best German Band, some Songs are Einmal um die Welt, Hi Kids, Kein Benz


Hi! I need help, I've been looking for a german rock song for years, but I don't know how. This is a little piece of how the song goes:


Please tell me the name of the song, thanks!!

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