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no audio in Swahili course

Good day, very few words have audio. Most of the words don't seem to have audio. Can this be fixed? Also i would like to thank Duolingo for having this course.

April 16, 2019



The last I heard about this issue was that the contributors were going to add audio, but that was about three months ago. This post was posted three months ago describing their plans for adding audio. When will the course finally get its audio is still unknown


There is audio, just not for everything. Note the disclaimer in the post saying that "not every single sentence has audio available".

My guess would be that they will eventually add more audio to the course in another stage of improvements but they lack enough contributors to do it quickly.

When I was doing the course at first, there was no audio... whatsoever. I got a pleasant surprise earlier this year when practising and suddenly there it was!


Thank you whiskkebarr, this seems to be the case with many languages here. They take a very long time to get things done. I suppose we can't moan as this is a free service.

yes njeri there are some words with audio but most others don't have audio. The words that matter have no audio on them. I know zulu sounds so I'm not sure i can use that to try learn swahili.


The last time I used the Swahili course there was no audio at all, but njeri-1331 is right. Hopefully the course gets more audio added in the future


As for audio (and resources), you both may find this post of interest: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31687329

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