"Perguruan tinggi itu ada di Jakarta."

Translation:That university is in Jakarta.

April 16, 2019

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What about 'that college'? Is there a difference between perguruan tinggi and universitas?


Hi, Indonesian here, There the same thing, but we use universitas more than Perguruan Tinggi. In fact ive heard perguruan tinggi for the first time in Duolingo. So its not that common. Good luck.


It didn't accept 'college' when I wrote it, even though it suggested it as a translation when I hovered my mouse over 'Perguruan tinggi'


Shouldn't "That university is at Jakarta" also be an acceptable translation?


I found this in Quora- “Located in” tells you the community, area or even the state or country where something is situated, but does not necessarily give you the exact address. “Located at” presumes you're about to say exactly where something is. Probably the address. You never really need to say “located at” because it's redundant.

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