"Sembra che lui trovi sempre le parole giuste."

Translation:It seems he always finds the right words.

May 29, 2014

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Would "it looks like he always finds the right words" be acceptable? Seems fine to me.


I wrote "He always seems to find the right words" (sounded more natural to me in English) and was marked wrong, how would I say this in Italian? :/


sembra trovare..........


So in this case can i also say ...lui trova...???


First tell us: What is "lui" doing in this sentence?


Anyone knows why the English translation needs "it" in front of seems?....Thanks


Because English always needs a subject.


Why the you form trovi?


It is not the "you" form, it is the subjunctive present tense for lui/lei.


does it reverse? it's trova for io


No. The first person singular present subjunctive is still "trovi". Look under congiuntivo: http://www.italian-verbs.com/verbi-italiani/coniugazione.php?parola=trovare


Thank you Diego! I had to look that up again because I thought it was the "tu" conjugation as well. I've got to get better at remembering that.


Il congiuntivo presente si identifica con l’infinito senza to per tutte le persone e per tutti i verbi(compreso il verbo to be che non viene coniugato). I verbi non prendono la ‘s’ finale nella terza persona singolare. Perchè "finds"?


Ha! This was not accepted: "It feels as if he always finds the right words." (Proper English, I'd say.)


I wrote "It appears" and was marked wrong. It seems, it appears....means the same thing.


Here is my best guess as to a rational explanation for the rejection of "it appears". Whether "it seems" and "it appears" mean, as you claim, "the same thing" may be context-dependent. "It appears that ... " signifies a record of someone's observation that the target individual "finds the right words".

However, "it seems that ... " may record a statistical conclusion based on many observations of "his words" to which interpretations consistently match the subjective judgment that they are "right". This is all the more true because "always" is involved. In other words, "appears" refers to an observation, while "seems" refers to an impression that, in this context, couples multiple observations with confirming interpretations.

The question is whether "sembra" implies the latter. Perhaps, and that may be the judgment of the DL translator. I hope this helps.


I wrote 'it appears' as this would be synonymous to ''it seems' in English.


"It looks like he always finds the right words", what's specifically wrong with this option?


Why is "sempre trovi" wrong in this sentence, while "sempre" after the verb in other sentences is counted as correct? I cannot figure out when to put sempre before and when after the verb. Thanks for any suggestion !


A few questions ago DL would not accept "seems" for sembra , preferring "appears". Now it won't accept "appears". It is so inconsistent.


What's wrong with "Seems like he always finds the right words"?


nothing wrong, except that DL doesn't accept it as the correct answer... really annoying, i know :)

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