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  5. "The prince hears the king."

"The prince hears the king."

Translation:O príncipe escuta o rei.

April 11, 2013



When do you prefer to use ouvir over escutar ? Or it's exactly the same ?


In portuguese its usually translated as ouvir=hear, escutar=listen to. But thats not a rule. In english we use hear to sounds that come to our earswithout us necessarily trying to hear them or wanting to. (They heard a strange noise in the middle of the night) we use listen to describe paying attention to sounds that are going on, we pay attention to that intentionally (last night i listened to my new cd). In short -- did you hear what i just said? --no,sorry, darling. I wasnt listening.


Since the English was hears, the correct form of ouvir should be right then. What is the correct form here, ouve?


Yes, "O príncipe ouve".


Well, ... O principe ouve o rei.

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