"Horse is eating apples."

Translation:Łį́į́ʼ bilasáana yį́yą́.

April 16, 2019



Łįį' bilasáana yįyą': it is just not possible to type in a mobile phone and duolingo seems to be very nitpicking about the right accents. Frustrating

April 19, 2019


Hope they fix this. I'm sure they will eventually

May 8, 2019


Why Łíį bilasáana yíyą Why not Łíį yíya bilasáana

April 16, 2019


Navajo’s sentence structure is SOV, Subject-Object-Verb. This means that the verb will come last in the sentence rather than before the object. For example, the literal translation would be “A horse an apple is eating,” because the sentence order is different from English.

I hope this helps.

April 19, 2019
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