"Rōvyz uēhossa kastra qaedrī izūgis."

Translation:The big squid are afraid of blue whales.

April 16, 2019

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This sentence is gramaticly wrong in number of squids and wales


Maybe this is changing amongst the youth, but I say "three squid", "four squid", "five squid", etc. I allow "squids", but it's not what comes naturally to me.


This is my fisrt time hearing that squid is both singular and plural. Granted, English is not my native language, but I feel "squids" more natural


Why? "Rōvyz uēhossa" is nominative plural and "big squid" is plural, too. (One squid, two squid, three squid, same as with one fish, two fish, three fish) "kastra qaedrī" is accusative plural and "blue whales" is plural, too. Everything looks just fine.

If I am not mistaken, the singular would be: Rōvyz uēs kastor qaedri izūgas.


How would one say, "The big blue squid are afraid of the whales"?


Rōvys kastyz uēhossa qaedrī izūgis.

Solar plural declension has this special case where it's normally "-ys", but it becomes "-yz" before a vowel, "h", or voiced consonant. This is why they change around a little.

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