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  5. "povjaj mapaw."

"povjaj mapaw."

Translation:We will arrive on Tuesday.

April 16, 2019



As this would also be "We arrived on Tuesday.", is there a usual way to disambiguate which Tuesday you mean - e.g. specify last Tuesday or next Tuesday?


The context of whether you are actually there or not can be a strong indicator. I'm sure veb/vebHa' can distinguish them sufficiently.


We arrived on Tuesday is a perfective statement: the action is completed. It should be translated povjaj mapawpu' or pojvaj mapawta' (or even povjaj mapaw rIntaH).

We will arrive, on the other hand, is not a completed action. Your point of view is from before the arrival. Notice, however, that We will have arrived takes the point of view of after the arrival, and so would be a completed action and translated with mapawpu' (etc.).

Unfortunately, this course does not correctly translate tense and aspect, so the correct sentences I have given above will not work in the software.

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