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How can I remember all the Hindi letters?

Hi, everyone.

I am currently Level 5 in Hindi, Crown Level 12, but I am confused on how I can remember all the 46 letters. I don't really get the differences between them either, such as in the sound "jai" it is the "j" sound with two letters above it. It doesn't really make sense to me, can anyone please comment some strategies I can use to get used to the lines, letters, and stuff? Thanks, and sorry this was SUCH a short post! It is my first forum post ever.


April 16, 2019



Someone gave me the link to this tinycard set a week or two ago, and it's pretty helpful. https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/3BAQrGWR/hindi-alphabet


Thank you! (take a lingot :))


The Devanagari script tutor (https://www.hindibhasha.com/) is another good resource.

What you talking about with respect to putting some symbols above 'j' to make 'jai' are consonant-vowel combinations. In the standard form, each consonant is combined to the vowel अ(a). So, ज is 'ja'. Every other vowel has a sign (called 'matra') associated with it that can be attached to the consonants to combine them with that vowel instead.


Thanks for the help @vinay92! take a lingot


Best place to start is Garret Wilson's site. His way of explaining each letter is great and he provides easy to remember mnemonics: http://www.garretwilson.com/education/languages/hindi/devanagari/


Thanks so much for the site! Take a lingot.


I found http://www.learning-hindi.com helpful. It has an explanation of each letter. Compares and contrasts it with similar letters. And further, includes sound clips of the letter alone, and in a word.

The order of the consonants is also a phonetic ordering; I find this "varnamala" of the Devanagari script fascinating and beautiful.


I just started Arabic and they do an amazing job of teaching the letters and all their combos. Wish they would apply the same principles to hindi. #suggestion


I recommend you making flashcards yourself. When i wrote this letters myself then later it was much easier to remember all of them. Pretty useful for me was also article about devenagari on wikibooks. (https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Devanagari)

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