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"We have to pay for the supplies ourselves."

Translation:Das Zubehör müssen wir selbst bezahlen.

April 11, 2013



the English translation says: 'supplies' but 'die Zubehor' is not accepted. Is this word used in singular only in German?


The singular is "das Zubehör", the plural "die Zubehöre" exists but is virtually never used (think of 'fish' in English). BTW, you can easily look up these things on pons.eu: http://is.gd/XOTSYO


Why ist "Das Zubehör müssen wir selbst bezahlen" (without the auch) not OK?


It is fine. The translation with the 'auch' is wrong.


so, in different sentences I found 'das Zubehör' (hence, singular) translated both as 'equipment' (a mechanical thing?) and 'supplies' (a stock/stored good?). Can anybody confirm that both the translations are correct? because I couldn't find the latter meaning neither in Collins Online Dictionary nor in PONS.eu :/



Should "Wir müssen für das Zubehör selbst bezahlen" also be accepted? (I know it's fine to write it without the "für", but I was under the impression it could still be used.)

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