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Where to get Svenska literature in America


I've been looking for some children and Young Adult books in Svenska, but I live in the US and can't find a website that will ship here. Does anyone know a site that will ship to america and that uses USD?



April 17, 2019



We just has that discussion a while ago. Somebody suggested Bokus.com, which has e-books and takes US credit cards.


You can go to IKEA (if you have one nearby) and read the books in the bookshelves there :-D


I second this - at first I thought that they were fake...


There are a few Swedish books at Amazon. There are some online collections of older works available at https://www.gutenberg.org/browse/languages/sv


I would also recommend https://8sidor.se/ for news articles posted in lätt svenska (easy swedish), each article also has a audio reading of it so you get both reading and listening practice.


I discovered www.swedishbookshop.us and that is my go-to site for buying Swedish books in the US! There's not a huge selection, but there's quite a few books for children and young adults. The only real heads-up I'll give you is that their shipping tends to be slow - in same cases it's taken up to two weeks before they ever even got my shipment in the mail. But shipping is cheap, and they've always arrived in great condition, and usually with something a little extra like a bookmark or a package of Swedish Fish. :)


I was able to find lots of used children's books at a local Christmas market (Julmarknad). Maybe there's a SWEA group or similar that holds an event of some sort near you. https://swea.org/swea-pa-kartan/

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