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Cross Platform Standardization

I love Duolingo and have been using it for over 4 years now. While I absolutely adore the quality content that is offered (all for free!) I can’t help but notice discrepancies across the various Duolingo platforms. I use Duolingo on an android phone, an iPad, and on my computer’s web browser and each platform seems to have various differences and restrictions which confuse me. For example: - Checkpoint tests are at different places on browser vs phone/iPad - My League Leaderboard doesn’t appear on the browser and it has different promotion brackets depending on if I view it on iPad or phone - The iPad prevents testing out of tree skills past level 1 vs phone/browser up to level 5

My friend has an iPhone and showed me their Duolingo homepage which seems to be entirely different from even the three formats I am used to using it in (Crystals instead of Lingots?!). It also appears that I cannot find a way to upgrade my account to Duolingo Plus, which I have been considering doing. I’m not sure if this is because my account is too old or if it’s currently unavailable to android-based users. Regardless of these minor complaints, Duolingo has done a great job updating XP, Streak Count, and Crown Counts for me across platforms. If anyone else has experienced this or knows if more standardization is coming across all platforms I would love to hear from you!

April 17, 2019



While I absolutely adore the quality content that is offered (all for free!) I can’t help but notice discrepancies across the various Duolingo platforms

You are paying for Duolingo ......

If anyone else has experienced this or knows if more standardization is coming across all platforms I would love to hear from you!


Thanks @pentaan for a very informative report. It helped me understand better how the folks at DL get remunerated for their efforts. Personal data collection, however, is something we all have to live with; at least for the foreseeable future. The biggest offender in personal data-gathering is Google; which is why I do not use their Chrome browser. However, I do use their email hoping that they abide by federal law in not using my email data in any form whatsoever. I take great pains in disallowing web entities access to my actual data. I use a separate email account with an alias. About the only identifiable data DL bots may obtain from my interactions with the service is my IP address; which I could block using a proxy for a monthly fee. In short, one can keep the DL interactions pretty anonymous after all. They can keep my progress data and use it to their hearts content. I am getting a fun (game-like) learning experience that can only help me communicate better with the people I meet.

What really sells the service for me, besides not having to pay actual dollars for it, is the interactions with the volunteers. It is the DL volunteers that humanize the service and make it a worthwhile learning experience for me. Volunteers (moderators, native speakers, and experienced learners) both use the service and dispense their expertise without the hope of remuneration. Our language comprehension is deepened and our language acquisition magnified when we use the forums to pose our questions. I am especially thankful for their kind and selfless efforts.


The great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from! :)


I always loved that Tanenbaum quote - and so true!!!

BTW, one strange new trick on the web-based version of Duo: It botches the completion bars. It frequently shows me as having completed substantial portions of lessons that I have not done. The iPad version always gets it right.


A quotation without attribution? ◔̯◔


I made the mistake when I started with Duolingo some months ago to use it first on iPhone/iPad (and also didn't ask in the forums for tips). It just seemed so easy ad enjoyable to use so I continued for a long while. I already knew some German so I moved quite a bit down the tree and then I started getting stuck. It was then that I decided to use the browser version and found tips-and-notes and forums discussions for each lesson. Now I am using the browser 99.99% of the time!

Now there seem to be a few more tips-and-nodes in iOS from when I first started, but that progress is slow. There is nothing yet about forum integration to the apps and I think no stories either. Also there seem to be a lot of work going on to upgrade the different courses to CEFR levels.

I also doubt that the platforms will ever be harmonized as the way Duo works seem to be to keep running tests, upgrading/updating the content and one of the ways they have is to try/experiment/debug different approaches and new features on different platforms (iOS, Android, web) and users (new vs old).


Yup. Same to me. I actually am upset about it. For example in web, you have mini-stories but on the other platforms you don’t. I am using Duolingo on Windows (web browsers), IOS and Android.


You can use the web browser on your iOS or Android devices to access the Stories. Provided that you’re logged in with the same login everywhere, all your points will sync up on all the platforms.


Mini-stories??? Not a clue, even on the web. [Wrong browser?]

There are also bug issues. The Chrome web version shows incorrectly that I have done lessons on a number of topics (in Japanese). If I click on the topic, it shows that I am xx% complete (usually between 9% and 19%). The IOS version is correct, in that it shows no current completion percentage.


Thanks for starting this thread, Green_Owl_. There is so much variety in the way Duolingo is presented across the varied platforms. I just took a look at the Android app and as it turns out, it seems to be an improved version of the iOS version. Android users can see a great deal of what we all see on a PC web browser (Firefox). Among other things, my Android using friends can see my progress on each language, including crowns, and whether or not I have lost my streak. Also, Safari users have access to duolingo stories, but they are only available for Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

The iOS Apps for the phone and the iPad are the same from I can tell. Experience points, blue ingots, and number of crowns all are the same on both iOS apps. I'd really love to see an improved iOS app in the near future but I am quite happy with DL progress so far. It's awesome. It's FREE. I have learned SO MUCH using it; as I am certain a great many others have. I hope to see someone at DL drop us a line or two on this thread, just so we understand better the discrepancies. Thanks in advance! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


Well, I use Android and that's not true for me - about all I can do on my tablet is lessons...no discussions, no Stories, no tips, no notes, none of that at all. Also, there is no way to turn off the Word Bank, when doing lessons, on my Android tablet. That is the biggest reason I always go to my laptop now to do lessons - it is so, so, so much better - in my view - to not have the word bank! You learn way better, when you have to actually know the words, and type out the words yourself.

When I first started last fall, I started on my tablet, and didn't know there were differences....one day, I used my laptop for some reason, and I was like WOW this is great, look at all this stuff!!!

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