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  5. "Mara understood the woman."

"Mara understood the woman."

Translation:be' yaj mara.

April 17, 2019



What if you wrote yaj be' mara? How does that change the meaning?


That would change the meaning to one of:

  • The woman's Mara understood.
  • The woman's Mara understood him.
  • The woman's Mara understood her.
  • The woman's Mara understood it.
  • The woman's Mara understood them.

be' mara is "the woman's Mara", which makes about as much sense in Klingon as it does in English.


You can also change the English wording to "the Mara of the woman", but that doesn't change the meaning or the fact that it doesn't really make much sense in either language.

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