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  5. "Vokti jentī urnen."

"Vokti jentī urnen."

Translation:I see a priestess and the commander.

April 17, 2019



I'm confused... jentī is Acc.Plural, isn't it? (Acc Singular being jenti)?? Should this not be "I see a priest(ess) and the comanders"?


I thought the same. I know the long vowel form is used to indicate the end of a list but in this case it does create confusion as to plural or singular form. I'm not sure how we're to know the difference here.


there is no way to know (except for context which we arent given in this sentence). We just have to assume that since "voktys" is Acc Sg, "jentys" is supposed to be Acc Sg as well (resulting in vokti/jenti) and the lengthened vowel only indicates the connection between these two, not the amount of people. I'm not sure if Singular and plural can be connected like this or if it would require a follow up sentence to specify how many people you saw


How would you say "I see a priestess and the commanders"?


It would be the same as the sentence above. If the number of commanders you see is not indicated by the context it will most certainly be specified in a follow up sentence (probably prompted by a question)

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