I really, really, really love the Ukrainian course, thank you Ukrainian team!

I know I might be too late to write this as the course has been released for quite some time already, but the course deserves all the praise it can get. It changed my view of the Eastern Slavic languages. I have an obsession with the Slavic languages in general and thought that learning Russian would be enough but boy was I wrong. Yes, I admit that being at a B1 in Russian and the fact that I've been living is Siberia for the past year helps with the course, but I now realize how wrong it is when people say that Ukrainian is just a dialect of Russian. I dont know how to describe it, but Ukrainian is like ear candy (tho I equally love both Russian and Ukrainian). It has a life of its own and a different feeling to it. I hope there will be a Belarusian or Slovak course, but I am happy with what we have now on duolingo.

A special thanks for pre-recording the entire course, its one of the reasons this course is my favorite!


April 17, 2019


I love the Ukrainian language. The o's sound like o's so it is easier for me to learn by just reading instead of Russian where the o can sound like an a or the written G can be pronounced as a V like in the word "today" (I can't type in Cyrillic now) . I agree with the guy above me, the people are definitely less suspicious of me learning their language and wayyyy more welcoming haha. I always say I'm from Lviv and I act like I'm not fond of the way the people in the east don't have as much national pride haha, it definitely starts a conversation. I love that people from Poland and Belarus can understand me. Learning this language has exposed me to learn more history on eastern Europe. Reading the responses here has made me happy, I am not the only one. I just wish the Ukrainian Duolingo course was longer.

April 18, 2019

I'll never forget the first time I heard (at least properly heard) Ukrainian. One unsuspecting day, I was passing through the kitchen in my hostel where there were two ladies speaking a language I had never heard. "What is THAT?!", I thought − a Slavic language, sure, but I'd never heard one so beautiful and melodic. Maybe it's Ukrainian, I thought, it always seemed to me a sort of hidden language, very hard to catch a snatch of it, too many Ukrainians speaking Russian when they travel abroad. Later, I had the chance to sit down with the two ladies who were, of course, Ukrainian, and they turned out to be very entertaining company, too.

Well, I fell instantly in love, not with the girls, but the language and warmth of Ukraine's people, and when I went to Ukraine earlier this year − though many people said "Oh, you don't have to learn Ukrainian, everybody understands Russian there anyway" − there was absolutely NO question of what language I was going to communicate in!

I had a wonderful time, felt it to be a deeply underappreciated country and am planning to go back for a few months' stay this summer.

Yes, and in Lviv, I didn't hear much, if any, Russian.

Всім привіт! Україна − дуже гарна країна!

(THOUGH, as for Duolingo, well I have the problem that I can't really use the course, because I know Polish very well, it's my second language, and if you already speak Polish or a similar language then the course is stupendously easy. I'd loooooove to see some more challenging formulations and vocabulary on there. But I completed it anyway and I'm really happy it's proved useful to other people!)

April 17, 2019

I completely agree! I am also really interested in slavic languages, and when I decided to start learning a new language I picked Ukrainian mostly becouse I felt that it was the perfect mix of both russian and polish. But you mentioned that it is very similar to Polish, well how similar is it? I have been thinking of starting the polish course becouse I will be traveling to Warsaw in the winter and I would love to speak to the locals there. How much do Polish people understand ukrainian? Any tips on Polish before i start learning it? Cheers! До побачення!

April 25, 2019

Привіт собан! Так, це добре урок! Nice to see another active Ukrainian learner!

I grew up listening to Ukrainian during special occasions when my extended family got together for the holidays. Since my family had so much fun, joking and laughing - I associated it as a silly language.

I didn't realize how melodic and pretty it actually was. This course is the first one I tried and has actual human voices on the audio. When I realized the other courses didn't have that, I liked it even more.

Sometimes I listen to дуже радіо while I practice. It's free to stream:

April 17, 2019
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