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What is the difference between 'til' and 'for'

They both can mean "for" but under what context? I know there is another question that asked this but that question is three years old and the link they provided in the answers that was supposed to provide an explanation is dead. As a result, I still don't know the difference.

April 17, 2019



there are many variations on where to use these. I would like to see the comment from three years ago, if you still have the link to it.

Here are some examples of using for. I hope they can help clarify for you.

Han gør rent for mig. (He cleans for me). Han taler for os alle sammen. (He speaks for all of us).

and here are examples of using til:

Han laver mad til mig (He cooks food for me). Han taler til os alle sammen (He speaks to all of us).

"For" is used when the purpose is in service of someone or something.

"Til" is used when it is directed at someone or something.

That's my best explanation right now. I hope it adds clarity! Happy trails learning Danish!


Yes the link below helped clarify it some more but thank you for the answers. I'm starting to get it now.


The link you're talking about is probably http://basby.dk/modul1/for00.htm


Oh Yes! That was the link. Thank you.


thank you for the link! And there are practice questions too! I'm going to share this with a danish student I know.

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