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Duolingo School Problems After Recent Update

Since the new update of Duolingo, I, myself and my students have had several issues with the website. Firstly, numerous student have told me that when they are working on lessons within an assignment, after completing a lesson, the progress bar will not move and they are forced to redo the lesson. Secondly, on my students' accounts all of the previous assignments that I have assigned are marked as completed even if the students haven't completed them yet. On my account, I see that they still have not completed the assignments but this causes a lot of confusion because the students see it as completed and they can no longer click on the assignment to actually complete it. Last but not least, I recently have not been able to assign new assignments to certain classes. I have tried assigning them various times and even tried to assign point goals instead of actual assignments but nothing is working. If anyone else has had issues like these and have found a solution, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

April 17, 2019

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Same its really frustrating

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