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"Vielleicht haben Sie weiterhin Glück."

Translation:Maybe you will continue to be lucky.

April 11, 2013



The sentences in these adverbs sections are very difficult because they come all at once without context. Many of these words are dependent on the verbs they are used with in order to acquire their specific meanings, so the sentences are like idiomatic phrases to new learners. I wonder if there isn't a better way to introduce these?


Agree. These idioms are coming on too strong. It doesn't take much to get something wrong, when the distinction between what was offered and what is deemed correct seems slight.


Agreed. If would take more storage but providing a context is necessary.


'Perhaps you'll have luck in the future' was my effort but it failed. A more free-flowing version would probably have failed also because it did not have the 'continue to be' phrase. Where do we get the 'continue to be' context from?


I went with 'Perhaps you'll have luck in the future' and got shot down, yet I still believe it to be the best answer.


What about "chance" ?


How do we derive future from "haben' is from "weiterhin'?

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