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  5. "Dia meminta makanan."

"Dia meminta makanan."

Translation:She asks for food.

April 17, 2019



This seems super formal. Never in my life have I actually heard someone say "meminta" instead of "minta"


so what are the differences between "minta" vs "meminta"? thank you!


"meminta" and "minta" is actually the same. but "meminta" is usually used for "Dia (she/her, he/him pronoun)". for example, "she asks for some help" and since we use the word "she", we gonna do "Dia Meminta tolong". but, if we use the word "Aku/saya (i, me, my)" or "Kamu/anda" (you, yours)" we have to do "Minta". for example, "i ask for help" which would be "Saya Minta Tolong". and you can do "Meminta" with "Saya / aku "and "Anda / Aku" too! but it will automatically turned into "Indirect Speech" i hope it helps! im sorry that this is too confusing, i will edit it later xD


Geez, It's really helpful I confusing about this too.


Hey what a luck man you are! So as native Indonesian i said Minta is more to non formal and Meminta is more to formal word

So for short Minta more to non formal Meminta more to formal

But actually there is no big difference between 2 of them


Maybe she shouldn't have thrown her apple...


What's the morphological difference between this and "She asks food."? Obviously that makes no sense but in a situation like "Dia meminta kucing." she could either ask for her cat or question her cat.

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