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  5. "Dulegh'a' vay'? ghobe'. muleā€¦

"Dulegh'a' vay'? ghobe'. mulegh pagh."

Translation:Did anybody see you? No. Nobody saw me.

April 17, 2019



In another question, didn't it use the prefix "nI-" instead of "Du-" with the subject as anybody and the object as you? I think it was "nIQoy'a' vay'?"

November 13, 2019


nI- would be used when the subject is "they" -- so vay' wouldn't count.

Perhaps you saw lIQoy'a' vay'? ? That would be "Did anybody see you?" when speaking to several people at once, while DuQoy'a' vay'? would be used when speaking to one person.

November 13, 2019
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