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"The woman writes a letter, alone."

Translation:La femme écrit une lettre, seule.

April 11, 2013



I am awful at remembering whether a noun is masculine/feminine! I thought I had this one, but nope. "un" instead of "une".


Why can't I use ''dame'' instead of ''femme''?


Because "dame" doesn't translate to "woman" in any way. I just looked it up and the google translator shows "woman" as one of the possible translations for the German "Frau", but not for the French counterpart.


I wrote "la femme écrit une lettre seule" without the comma. Would that imply that the woman wrote a sole letter, or does the word order have to be "une seule lettre" for that?


I put Seule at the start of the sentence, would this have suggested that the woman was one of a group and she was the only to have written?

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