April 18, 2019

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Would be nice to know how to pronounce this. I don't have a clue where to start!


The letter “ł” is pronounced like a “sh” and a “th” sound blended together. The last two letters of the word are pronounced like “ea” in “tea,” but since there are two of them, that indicates that you need to pronounce it for a prolonged period of time (perhaps two seconds instead of one).


Also, the hooks under the vowels mean you nasalize them, and the accents indicate it's the high tone.

The apostrophe at the end is a glottal stop (like the hitch in the voice in "uh-oh").


Tazarinho, is that your pet in the picture. Is it a boar?


Thank you Issac, I was wondering about that.


In IPA, this would be [ɬɪ̃ː˥ʔ] in IPA; worth learning if you don't know it already, especially for more obscure languages without many pronunciation guides.


They should really add the pronunciation


They've added some. I assume they'll get the rest over time.


I started the Japanese course when it was in Beta . I had waited a long time since they had only Eng/Japanese for people learning English. I stopped for a while and came back and the coutse was finally fully develped. But I was so happy to start with Beta and now I feel the same with Navaho. If we report errors regularly, it will improve faster. It's a Duo community effort.


I'm missing examples for pronunciation... How does sentences sounds? Please...!


Pronounciation needs to be added to this course. I'm learning how to recognize the written word but I dont know how to say it.

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