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  5. "Nothing is obvious."

"Nothing is obvious."

Translation:Nichts ist selbstverständlich.

April 11, 2013



*German native speaker here.

I think the problem lies in the word "obvious". Merriam-Webster says it means "easily discovered, seen, or understood". The first part (easily discovered, seen) would mean "offensichtlich" or "offenbar" in German and the second part (easily understood) would mean "selbstverständlich".

But that's when you go by the definitions. In daily conversations offensichtlich und selbstverständlich are used interchangably.


Thank you. I googled the phrase "es ist offenbar, daß" and got lots of hits written by everybody from Goethe and the Bible to der Spiegel, and I don't think a subclause starting with daß could represent anything that is purely "easy to see", with no sense of "easy to understand" at all. These concepts are very close to each other of course.


German language experts see a completely different problem with the word offenbar: http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/zwiebelfisch/zwiebelfisch-abc-offenbar-offensichtlich-a-314565.html

[deactivated user]

    To translate "Nothing is obvious." with: "Nichts ist selbstverständlich." is completely wrong. The meaning of: "Nothing is obvious." is purely:

    'Nichts ist offensichtlich." 'Nichts ist eindeutig." 'Nichts ist klar (sichtbar)." 'Nichts ist so naheliegend." 'Nichts ist so offenbar." (possible, but not preferred} 'Nichts liegt so klar auf der Hand." 'Nichts ist so offensichtlich." 'Nichts ist so offenkundig." 'Nichts ist so evident."

    and many more, -such a big variety. I am wondering why the OWL is choosing the the wrong ones so often!


    In german conversations, could one also say something along the lines of "nichts ist klar" as in nothing is clear etc to mean the same thing as nothing is obvious? And I do mean just in every day conversation, not for the purposes of grammar, or learning new words, or in any way related to duolingo lessons.


    English is not my first language, but are you sure that offenbar is not obvious? Could you please explain a bit more?

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