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1000 Day Streak!

Just hit it this morning! Woohoo!!!! But next week I'm on holidays... and I'm not sure what the Wi-fi will be like! I've been learning Spanish for this trip, and it will be so ironic if my streak breaks while I'm in a Spanish speaking part of the world!!!!

April 18, 2019



will be so ironic if my streak breaks while I'm in a Spanish speaking part of the world

Symbolic streak break, breaking out of your old Spanish level and into a higher level.


One more day for you. I congratulate you in advance! :-D


Responding late because I didn't want to draw the attention away, but thank you :).


this is a bruh moment


Not sure what that means :P


Congrats to you for your own 1000 days


Thank you :), responding late because I didn't want to draw the attention away.


Congratulations! I recommend getting a mobile phone plan with free international data. It helps a ton for maintaining the streak.


Wow you have a big streak. But you have only 78 levels? Did you deleted your'e advance? Good luck anyways. :)


Probably just from doing the practises over and over... like me. You don't get flag levels for that, otherwise, I would be about level 21 now... ):


or reapeating stories


I just keep practicing my Portuguese and French. I want to have a very high level of fluency which takes daily practice. I started Russian for a little bit, but gave it up. I'm still doing some Japanese practice but progressing very slowly.


More than 2000 days!? Ugh, it's amazing, congratulations!


Congrats on your streak! it shows that you have been a very dedicated learner, keep up the excellent work!


Congratulations on the consistency of your practice ... Well done.

[deactivated user]

    How'd you put that Duo owl on?


    How did you do that?


    Congratulations on your 1,000 day streak. I just hit 1,500 today. It is not so hard to keep the streak when in the same time zones, give or take a couple of hours. I have traveled to South America, a couple of times during this streak. The bigger issue is going to the Middle East and the Far East. It becomes more tricky to keep the streak because of flight time and finding Wifi in the Airports. I was just in Australia and could not find a Wifi connection in the airport. So, I used my AT&T roaming to do my lessons. When I got back, I found out that cost me $110 in roaming fees. Oh, well, the streak is still there. It was worth the money to me. A big zero would have been a killer. I have had the zero after 320 days. It is hard to pick up from there. Good luck.


    I am actually going for the flirting skills of 30 Lingots but I give you my last 10 ones. Your'e Welcome !!!!!!!!


    Here, take some of mine, I have over twelve thousand, so


    no way really? how do you get so much? I have 46 currently but imma give some to hermione.


    Aww... thanks so much!!


    Congrates! the highest streak I've gotten was a 20 day streak!


    My best streak went for 7 days... I always forget on the weekend!

    [deactivated user]

      My highest streak was 14. Could never get it back since i lost out


      iam currently 22 i just started


      Congratulations on your streak.


      I hope the wifi is okay because 1000 is a lot. Verry well done. Im learning Italian. I give you a lingot as a congratiolation.


      WOW!!! That is amazing! That has been my goal for a long time, but I have never reached it. I hope to do so soon.




      In only 95 days you will level up to the next gold SHOF rank on www.duome.eu! :-)

      I am curious: How do you practice Spanish and French both in parallel?

      • Same day?
      • Do you learn NEW words / lessons for both in the morning?
      • How do you catch up the learned words in both languages to be able to use spaced repetition (SR) for the next optimal 4-5h / 12h review intervals laters in the afternoon/evening or before you go to bed?
      • Do you confuse French and Spanish when you do both in the morning?
      • How long is your break between them? 1-1,5 hours? 4+ hours? 1 day?

      Quote: But next week I'm on holidays... and I'm not sure what the Wi-fi will be like

      Can't you go with a data SIM card and 3G/LTE (4G)?

      Good luck! Enjoy your trip.


      I did just write a big answer, but my wifi crashed and it's gone. So to sum up, I have only been doing Spanish lately because I have lots of background in French already, and I have other strategies (e.g. novels) to practice my French. I never do both languages in a day... too confusing! And my phone plan is super basic, just talk and text, so I will need wi-fi for sure!


      Hi Hermione,

      sorry to hear about your crash and losing your long answer.
      It ocassionally happens to me, but nowdays I always copy & paste my texts into a notepad on the Laptop so if the browser crashes or the DL server gets resetted or simply does not show my posted text (which happens more often) I can just repost it with no problem.

      Sometimes I do forget to copy my text as a backup :-)

      PhraseExpress is a nice program which allows you to copy not only the last text from the clipboard but several old texts from the memory which you can select, if you might have overwritten the one with the other.

      Anyways, thanks for finding the nerves to repost again this summary especially with this situation.
      Sums it up very well and I think I can benefit from your advise when I try PT->FR and PT->ES Duolingo reverse trees.

      I had already "learned" my first 1000 Spanish words end of 2017 in 11 days and 20 hours with my Lingvist challenge before they went "Unlimited" and introduces the free 3000 words cap (greetings to Carlos, if you read this!) ....but I am definitely going to start both languages from scratch.

      The two laddering trees are much shorter and provide some nice dedicated grammar skills, so I will put the newer CEFR A2 courses (156-159 skills) back for the next 2-3 years.

      You have deserved a hopefully not that stressful day tomorrow! :-)


      I recommend using the "TYPE MACHINE" it is software that keeps every bit of what you write.


      Well done on the streak.


      omg! I can never keep my streak! how do you do it?! I always forget to practice german on the weekends, so... :( No streak for me!! But congratz! Awesome!


      I don’t let myself forget! And my mom always reminds me! ;)


      Congratulations on your 1000 day streak! I think it means a lot :)


      Do one unit before you get out of bed in the morning. Then it is done for the day. OR I am usually up late so I do one just after midnight, before I go to bed. That is the surest way.


      Yes, I rang in the new year by doing my Duolingo for the day at midnight!


      That's very impressive, and I say that honestly.

      However, I also always encourage people not to obsess over streaks, xp or lingots. It's really all about the learning.

      I do understand how much it encourages one to keep at it, but I think the eventual loss of a streak will be counter-productive to most.


      congrats, Hermione, well done. Keep going, three year anniversary is in sight!

      Zigzag, I agree with you. But while I don't put streak over learning, a good streak still remains to be a 'nice to have'. For a wee moment I thought about killing it right before 1000, but, then again, why should I stop exercising for two days just to make a point that nobody will ever be aware of?


      wow, that is amazing! great job! i am new so i dont have a lot of lingots, but if i did i would give them to you!

      [deactivated user]

        Congradulations! I find it super hard to keep a streak for more than a day. (probably why duo busted down my door and captured mi familia) I hope u can continue and have a great day/night


        I have a hard time keeping a streak up over the weekend, especially when I go to camps that have a strict no electronics EVER! Probably so I don't play computer games, but I really wish I could still do duolingo... it's not a computer game... is it?

        Oh, and nice April fools joke reference.

        [deactivated user]

          It isn't a game. At least it isn't supposed to be...


          You can use Duolingo on the computer.


          And here I am thinking my 21 day streak is something.

          [deactivated user]

            I have 20 days and I already feel like a demigod.


            Yes, it indeed is something!


            Me too Orange Toby I have a 24-day streak today.


            I would really appreciate it. I am so sad.


            Congratulations! If you think you need conversational practice before you go, reply to this comment ;) (It´s free btw xD).

            • 1675

            Great job!!


            Congratulations, enjoy your holiday!


            Félicitations Hermione!

            Je vous souhaite un agréable séjour!


            Congrats!!! Felicidades!!


            There should TOTALLY be a way to get your streak to continue while you are in an area that speaks a language your learning, but such a system would be hard to varify, especially if you don't have Wi-Fi. It would also be likely to be abused by someone. Oh well, maybe the mas streek frees would work.


            That is amazing! Inspired by you.


            Congratulations for your 1000 DAY STREAK!


            Vamos con este aprendizaje, felicidades su tu racha!


            Congrats! I remember when I had a 106-day streak and I lost it. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a 1001 day streak. BTW I am giving you 5 lingots so you can buy streak freezes.


            Thank you so much!!


            Congratulations, that is awesome.


            Congratulations! A lingot well earned!!


            this is the level of dedication i want to be at!!!!!


            !remindme in 952 days.



            I hope to have my streak to 1000 by Halloween. I have to work Duo into my summer plans, usually I try to do it first thing in the morning so I don't get distracted.


            Congratulations, Hermione! A great achievement! Fingers crossed that you'll have wi-fi on your holiday! And I hope your Spanish study serves you well!


            I'm so proud of you!!! You're doing great! Keep up the good work.


            Congrats from me, I'll be there soon myself ;-)) If you don't want to lose your streak get yourself a friend who's going to do the minimum for you. My friend always does so and she has never lost her streak.


            Almost 3 years without forgeting once! That sure is dedication.


            i wish i could get that high :p my streak of 11 isnt great


            one day it will be great tho! she was once at an 11 day streak too

            [deactivated user]

              Right now as I see you've got 13 ;)


              congrats, just lost my 60 day streak ..

              [deactivated user]

                Aww sorry that happened :(

                [deactivated user]

                  Can't you just keep buying streak freezes?


                  Yes, but they only work for one day. Either way, I would need to log into wifi every other day to buy a freeze.


                  Can you buy only one at a time? I am going away camping for a few days this long weekend. I hope to get access while away but I thought of buying freezes just in case. 1000 days is such a long time! Congrats.


                  Yes, one at a time. I don’t trust the weekend amulets because they don’t show up on every platform!


                  You can't buy anything without Wi-Fi, no internet, no duolingo, no shop...


                  Awesome! I just recently hit 100 and then nearly lost it...so I understand! If you are using the mobile version, it is possible to "download" lessons. Just tap on the lesson and then exit it. If you don't have wi-fi, it should still show up as available. Have fun on your trip!

                  [deactivated user]

                    Nice streak!!


                    You can get an international data plan.


                    You go girl !!!


                    Thanks for all the love everyone!! I hope you are all doing well with your streaks, but more importantly, that you are learning new languages regardless of the streak!


                    Bravo, encore, incroyable!


                    On holidays now and my wifi is excellent, so my streak is continuing!

                    [deactivated user]

                      I would give you a lingot, but I ran out. No idea how that happened, because I had 5 earlier...

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