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  5. "Its foot is dark blue."

"Its foot is dark blue."

Translation:SuD qamDaj 'ej Hurgh.

April 18, 2019



In all the examples that I have seen so far, when you have a dark or light color, you put the color first and the darkness/lightness second. SuD qamDaj 'ej Hurgh - "Its foot is blue and it is dark."

Is this a neccessary thing in Klingon or can you switch it around? Hurgh gamDaj 'ej SuD - "Its foot is dark and it is blue."


Okrand always gives us the color combinations color first, shade second. He hasn't said they can't be said in the reverse order, but he's never done it. My guess is they're fixed. To play it safe, keep colors and shades in the given order.


Why not {SuDqu' qamDaj}?


Something that is very SuD is green, not blue.

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