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"Mladudu hula wadudu" - The anteater feeds on ants. I like it and I will never forget it.

This phrase has a magic sound for me. It was published by Swahilipod101.com , a great website teaching Swahili, but it's not free.
-dudu ant
-la eat
-ladudu ant-eater mladudu the anteater and waladudu anteaters

Two question: wadudu is ants or insects?
How would you say correctly The anteaters (plural) feed on ants Waladudu hula ? wadudu.
Thank you in advance for your reply.

April 18, 2019



dudu is insect. For ant my dictionary sayes: sisimizi, mchwa, siafu, chungu as possble translations. It does not give any further explanation.


This on-line dictionary¶ is more specific about ants: (soldier) chungu; (termite, whiteant) mchwa; (brown) siafu; (red) maji moto, koyokoyo; (small black) sisimizi.


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