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  5. "I do not like the hospital."

"I do not like the hospital."

Translation:Ich mag das Krankenhaus nicht.

April 11, 2013



I still struggle with the world order here... Is there a simple way to remember where to put the "nicht" in a sentence? I wrote "Ich mag nicht das Krankenhaus". Thanks !


Here are some rules: http://is.gd/EZo9IV They are not that easy to chew. I recommend bookmarking the site and going back there now and then.


Link not working.


Thank you! I will follow your advice


Yet I don't think that "Ich mag nicht das Krankenhaus" is incorrect.


I asked my friend from Austria where should be "nicht" and he said in end is the most popular way but "ich mag nicht" is not totaly wrong and can be used.


The "nicht" has to be at the end of sentence (I'm German)


Ich mag nicht in das Krankenhaus is correct ich mag nicht das Krankenhaus is just wrong


I did the same


I used the same answer as you did! I reckon I'll report it as 'my answer should be accepted' and see what happens. Why do these things always happen during a test? LOL


I live in Germany and the most of the pepole talk like "ich mag nicht das Krankenhaus"


Then you must live in a very odd part of germany. That word order is weird.


Why is "Das Krankenhaus mag ich nicht" not accepted? I have seen this sentence model used before.


It's fine. Please report it.


In the given sentence it sounds like someone is inside the Hospital and says I don't like this Hospital. Correct translation is ich mag dieses (or das) Krankenhaus nicht. Your translation can only be a reply to the question do you like the Maria Krankenhaus? Nein, das Krankenhaus mag ich nicht.


I got hard times telling apart when to use "kein" or "nicht" negative form, I thought when there is a noun to be modified into negative form, we should use "kein", is that right or I got it wrong?


I thought the same thing but "kein" is only used to negate nouns preceded by an indefinite article or no article. Because it was "the hospital" we had to use "nicht." Had it been just "hospitals" we would have used "kein."


I wrote "Ich mag nicht das Krankenhaus," but it said that was wrong. I am confused on where "nicht" goes in a sentence, because sometimes it is at the front of a word, and other times in the back. Can someone clear this up for me?


Why is "gefällt mir nicht" not accepted here?


'Das Krankenhaus gefällt mir nicht' is a correct translation.


This answer is now accepted.


I should report that as an error then, but how do I do that now that I'm here and not at the question anymore?


If you do the lesson again and come across the sentence, you take one for the team, lose a heart, then click "My answer should be accepted". :)

Or, hopefully someone who made a similar "mistake" will read this thread and then report it before moving on. Or maybe Myra or Julika will see this an fix it. There really should be a way around this though.


I didn't take the lesson, I tried to take a shortcut (which failed, among other things thanks to this, LOL) but I'll report it if I see it again. Or hopefully someone else reports it and/or fixes it.


I'd love to have a report button in the comments section. As a native speaker of German I'm rather going through the discussions then doing the lessons. But that way I can't report mistakes... ;(


I reported it.


Can I say: "Ich mag das Spital nicht" ?


The word "das Spital" has two meanings - "Armenhaus/Hospital" = the Duden marks it as "out of date" and "das Krankenhaus" in Germany. It is only used in Austria and Switzerland, also a regional usage.


Only in Bavaria and Austria, possibly also in Switzerland.


Is "mag etwas nicht" the same as "mag kein etwas"?


"Mag kein etwas" can only be used in the German language, if you want to say that you do not like all hospitals - no = none of the hospitals. For "I do not like . (and the noun with the definite article).." you always must use "nicht" and not "kein", because you negate the verb "like" and not a noun. (:


In a German workbook that I have, it says "nicht follows the verb." (When you are saying I don't (verb) something.) It says that "haben" is an exception: with "haben," the nicht moves to the end of the sentence. Since Wataya's link is broken, can someone give another example or two explaining when nicht moves to the end of the sentence?


Why isnt that sentence in Akkusativ? "Ich mag den Krankenhaus nicht"?


"Krankenhaus" is neuter, not masculine, so it is "das Krankenhaus" and not "den Krankenhaus".


Ich mag den Krankenhause nicht ! Why not Accusative ? Was mag ich nicht -> den Krankenhaus ?


It is Accusative, but Krankenhaus is neuter. The article for Accusative neuter is das, not den.

[deactivated user]

    In English I don't like the hospital and I don't like hospital can mean the same thing. Without further context ich mag kein Krankenhaus is correct.


    I'm afraid not. The only time we use "hospital" without "the" is in British English when it has the meaning of "be there as a patient". "He is in hospital after the accident." In all other cases, we'd use "the hospital" "I'm going to the hospital to visit dad." "The hospital is in my town." In Amer.Eng. we use "the" all the time: either as a patient or other activities. And in spite of the fact that, there is no context it is clear that no one is being treated there.

    [deactivated user]

      You're right, I was thinking :-

      • I don't like (being in/going to the) hospital.

      Where the verb is established by context, and of course it would never be written that way.


      You could, however, say it without an article as in your example - provided that you use the plural noun.

      Either you're saying that you don't like a specific hospital, in which case you need the article "the" (or "that" or "this" or, well, you get the idea) or you are saying that hospitals in general, regardless of which one, displease you... in that case, you are actually taking about many many hospitals, so you would need to use the plural noun and say "I don't like hospitals"

      "I don't like hospital" is just incorrect.


      @megganne just to clear up a small item. You needn't apologize because you couldn't see what wasn't there. Where "PeterStockwell* says: "You're right....never be written that way." he had written something else in reply to my edit "I'm afraid not..." then realized he had misunderstood and deleted it replacing it with "You're right...". Now, isnt' that all as clear as mud. :-)) In other words don't worry about it and you were very kind to apologize.

      [deactivated user]

        See my edit.


        I'm sorry, for some reason that didn't show up when I read the thread, even though it's clearly time stamped way before I read it. Stupid Internet! My apologies.

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