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Change my students' 'learning from' language in a class.

Hi everyone, I'm a native English speaker teaching English and Spanish in Germany.

So, I've created a DL classroom for a Spanish class and I see that some students enrolled to learn "Spanish from English" whereas others did "Spanish from German."

Is it possible for them to switch to "Spanish from German" without having to do all the exercises again?

April 18, 2019

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No it is not.

They are two different courses quite often with a different Incubator contributor team.

The English->Spanish course is also VERY different from the German->Spanish course as it is made by staff/contractors not volunteer contributors, much longer (older version 113 skills, latest version 159 skills) and is aligned with the CEFR A2.

Tree design and skill concept (e.g grammar dedicated skills vs theme-oriented skills with hidden grammar) for both courses is also different.

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