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Why do I still have a bunch of invites?

Bon soir!

As far as I'm aware, Duolingo is now open to the public. Meanwhile, I still have 11 Duolingo invitations. What do I do with them? If the site is open for business, surely that eliminates the point of the invites. Maybe I could make them into a stylish lamp with a hot glue gun? :)

July 17, 2012



Bonjour, adrian bedford. 11 invitatiion! A lamp! I only had three invitations :( so I'm going to use the remaining two to make a small box to store springs from broken clothespegs.


Bravo, Mizotte! Excellent idea! :)


Also: I have this invitation surplus because I managed to lure an awful lot of people onto Duolingo before it went public. :)


Hi KJ--am surprised your relative didn't float you an invite. Meanwhile, you seem to be tearing up the levels at warp speed, so you're clearly making up for lost time! :) Well done! :)


I haven't received any invitation to join Duolingo. Read an article in a newspaper mentioning this initiative, visited the site, registered and started immediately.


Yes, I heard about Duolingo early this year and put my name down on the waiting list, and my turn came up around late May-ish, and I've been here ever since, learning fun facts like, "I am strong because I am a man". <nodding very seriously> Something in that for all of us, I'm sure. :)

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