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"Is this an advertisement for a house?"

Translation:Ini iklan rumah?

April 18, 2019



"Apakah ini iklan untuk sebuah rumah?" <- Would this be a more fulsome translation?


Here the short form is accepted. In so many other exercises it is not. How can I know without loosing hearts?


It's not fair to not accept the full sentence....


please make "apakah ini iklan untuk rumah" accepted. It is a MORE correct answer.


Does anyone from DuoLingo actually read this? The other comments point out how this is definitely a shortcoming in this question's accepted answers.

I agree with the frustration. It is bipolar. Sometimes it wants you to be overly formal when you just want to use informal, other times it won't accept anything but informal. It varies unpredictably from question to question.


I totally agree. Duolingo's Indonesian course is incredibly annoying because of this.

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