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Any interesting Indonesian or Malay youtubers?

I can't find any fun youtube channels to watch in Indonesian or Malay i could find interesting stuff in other languages i'm learning but in Indonesian i only find "simplistic" stuff my interests are science history politics news video games (but not lets plays i want to see things like reviews and podcasts)

April 18, 2019



You might want to check out Asumsi and Hipotesa for politics; the latter one has subtitled videos.

I would recommend Kok Bisa? and Neuron (also subtitled) for science and general knowledge contents.

There is also BukaTalks -- this channel has videos that are similar to TedTalks in nature. Some of them are subtitled too, although not in Indonesian.


Those are great thanks


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYtCAxxG_FfCCV8cksKQ0Ig Indonesian Fairy Tales, that's a great channel with children's fairy tales in Indonesian. They have those same fairy tales in tens of other languages. The language is quite simple, but the videos aren't too childish to watch, they are actually quite entertaining :D I've watched like over 40 already in several languages that I don't speak well enough to watch some movies or more advanced stuff.


I'm more interested in content aimed at adults.


Do you like game shows?? If so look Up match game Indonesia, so funny and easy to understand.


I'm not really interested in that kind of stuff sorry.


For science, check out Sibejoo Jadda or Zenius. These are channels targetted at students, but if you want, go ahead. However, they do contain slangs which you probably won't understand in the beginning.

Other than that, I don't think I'll recommend other Youtube channels. But if you really like politics, I'll recommend you "Panggil Saya BTP", a channel started by Ahok, the former governor of Jakarta sentenced to blasphemy. He is well known for his integrity and anti-corruption stance, however. More of a Vlog, but still interesting to note.

For news, probably CNN Indonesia.


Sacha Stevenson is one that I find quite helpful, as she switches back and forth between English and B.Indo and when she's speaking in one language, she'll often offer captions or summaries in the other language



Not my cup of tea


Ayu jangan berada orang sedih. Dia cewe lucu sekali. Sok sukanya.


fathia izzati or keshya


Not my cup of tea sorry

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